What is Customer Centric and why is Customer-Centric?

So today I would like to share our views and thoughts on Customer-Centric that many of you may have heard and known or who have not known before can listen to each other.

customer centric

In our view, Customer-Centric is not just a marketing strategy. But it is considered a culture, it is a mindset that every organization should have and to develop, continue to develop, and perform. Whether it’s a sales team, an accounting team, or even a management team, this customer-centric principle should also be applied. It’s important that everyone in the organization see customers as the same customer first. Then get to know and understand as much of the customers feels about your organization as possible.

Everyone in the organization, whether working in the foreground or background, should have a mindset that puts ‘customer’ at the heart of the workflow. Let me give you an example. If the sales team does not get to know the customer or does not understand their emotions, preferences, or interests. Team Sale will not be able to understand what product to offer that adds value or creates a positive experience for that customer.

Or even our back home team accounting team can use this Mindset Customer-Centric as well, such as issuing purchase orders, receipts that need to be edited or explained in length, but still do not understand between Vender and the company if the document is issued according to Our company’s system is too difficult. It could mean that the company is creating a bad experience for its customers. Even when viewed as a small matter Would it be better if we come to understand the customer side more about where there is a point where the customer feels difficult and does not understand? That we can improve the system within the company That will improve the customer experience.

You see, everyone and every team can really use this Mind Set for everything.

If everyone in the company has a customer-centric idea process as a basis for the job. We are confident that If we understand the customer Talk in the same language as the customer. Offer what your customers want at the right time, and they can increase the revenue of your company while adding a great customer experience at the same time. Considered to have two bounces together

With Mook’s own team (Dgtl8 (Digital Eight)) working hard in marketing and in mindset Customer-Centric. We, therefore, value or have a great passion for our Customer-Centric Marketing work.

We ourselves have had the opportunity to work with Start-Up, which we can call that we just started as a baby. Dgtl8 (Digital Eight) has helped their team. To understand customers from the ground up, look at the Audience group that should focus on creating a “Customer Persona Playbook” that helps their team to better understand their customers. And it’s not just an understanding of Demographics, but a deep understanding of Emotional and Rational pain points. Let’s analyze clearly.